We welcome new membership applications and look forward to you joining us!

Take a look at our brochure and frequently asked questions. The membership application form and declaration form, together with fees information can be opened/downloaded below.

We operate a preferred boat class policy but will accept other dinghies with PYN between 1018 to 1646 subject to agreement by the Committee. Boat fees are payable for all boats sailed at the Club, whether or not they have an allocated space in the dinghy park.

Read a copy of our brochure and answers to frequently asked questions. The Membership Application Form and Declaration Form, and fees information can be opened/downloaded below.

If you wish to join Papercourt Sailing Club please complete the Membership Application Form . You will then be invited for a chat over a cup of tea with a member of the Main Committee, who will show you around and answer any questions you may have. Once your application has been approved you will be asked for payment in full and to sign the Member Declaration Form.

It’s as simple as that.

Duties at Papercourt

Papercourt is run by its members (there are no paid staff) and depends on each and every one of them for its smooth operation. Carrying out Papercourt duties is a condition of membership, and each member aged 18 and over is required to carry out at least one duty in each of the six month periods January to June and July to September. The duties are:

  • OOD (Officer of the Day)
  • SBO (Safety Boat Helm/Crew)
  • PRO/ARO (Principal/Assistant Race Officer)